14:29 27.08.2003 is [ dex-252-16.dxi.net ]   This is the RIPE Whois server. 
 inetnum: - 
 netname:      DXI-CORE 
 descr:        Dexterus Limited 
 descr:        London 
 country:      GB 
 admin-c:       AC57-RIPE 
 tech-c:        DCR17-RIPE 
 status:       ASSIGNED PA 
 notify:       registry@dexterus.com 
 mnt-by:        RIPE-NCC-NONE-MNT 
 changed:      hostmaster@dxi.net 20020923 
 source:       RIPE 
 descr:        DXI Networks Ltd 
 origin:       AS15409 
 remarks:      abuse reports to abuse@dxi.net 
 notify:       registry@dxi.net 
 mnt-by:       DEX-REG 
 changed:      rob.johnson@dxi.net 20030812 
 source:       RIPE 
 role:         Dexterus Contact Role 
 remarks:      Please note Dexterus are now DXI Networks Ltd. 
 address:      DXI Networks Ltd 
 address:      Lower Ground Floor 
 address:      24 Chiswell Street 
 address:      London EC1Y 4TY 
 address:      GB 
 phone:        44 (0)20 7579 8100 
 fax-no:       44 (0)20 7579 8200 
 e-mail:       support@dxi.net 
 trouble:      24/7 SMC: 44 (0)20 7579 8299 
 admin-c:       AC57-RIPE 
 tech-c:        RJ3183-RIPE 
 tech-c:	       DB1381-RIPE 
 tech-c:        KF307-RIPE 
 nic-hdl:       DCR17-RIPE 
 notify:       hostmaster@dxi.net 
 mnt-by:       DEX-REG 
 changed:      hostmaster@dxi.net 20021111 
 source:       RIPE 
 person:       Andy Condliffe 
 address:      DXI Networks Limited 
 address:      24 Chiswell Street 
 address:      London 
 address:      EC1Y 4TY 
 address:      England 
 phone:        44 20 7579 8113 
 fax-no:       44 20 7579 8200 
 e-mail:       ac@dxi.net 
 nic-hdl:       AC57-RIPE 
 remarks:      Please send abuse reports to abuse@dxi.net 
 notify:       ac@dxi.net 
 source:       RIPE 
 changed:      hostmaster@dxi.net 20030128 

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