14:40 27.08.2003

inetnum: - 
 netname:      beijing-zhongguo-wantong-corp 
 country:      cn 
 descr:        beijing city 
 admin-c:       QL69-AP 
 tech-c:        QL69-AP 
 changed:      daihy@china-netcom.com 20020918 
 mnt-by:        MAINT-CN-LQ28 
 source:       APNIC 
 person:       qiong lu 
 address:      china netcom 
 address:      beijing 
 country:      CN 
 phone:        86-010-82856360 
 e-mail:       bjipaddress@china-netcom.com 
 nic-hdl:       QL69-AP 
 mnt-by:        MAINT-CN-ZM28 
 changed:      daihy@china-netcom.com 20020725 
 source:       APNIC 

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