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 OrgName:    Cable & Wireless 
 OrgID:      EXCW 
 Address:    3300 Regency Pkwy 
 City:       Cary 
 StateProv:  NC 
 PostalCode: 27511 
 Country:    US 
 ReferralServer: rwhois: //rwhois.exodus.net: 4321/ 
 NetRange: - 
 NetName:    SC3-1 
 NetHandle:   NET-64-68-64-0-1 
 Parent:     NET-64-0-0-0-0 
 NetType:    Direct Allocation 
 NameServer: DNS01.EXODUS.NET 
 NameServer: DNS02.EXODUS.NET 
 NameServer: DNS03.EXODUS.NET 
 NameServer: DNS04.EXODUS.NET 
 Comment:     Rwhois reassignment information for this block is available at: 
 Comment:     rwhois.exodus.net 4321 
 Comment:     For abuse please contact abuse@exodus.net 
 Updated:    2002-08-21 
 TechHandle: ZC221-ARIN 
 TechName:   Cable & Wireless 
 TechPhone:  1-919-465-4023 
 TechEmail:  ip@gnoc.cw.net 
 OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE11-ARIN 
 OrgAbuseName:   Abuse 
 OrgAbusePhone:  1-877-393-7878 
 OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@exodus.net 
 OrgNOCHandle: NOC99-ARIN 
 OrgNOCName:   Network Operations Center 
 OrgNOCPhone:  1-800-977-4662 
 OrgNOCEmail:  trouble@cw.net 
 OrgTechHandle: EIAA-ARIN 
 OrgTechName:   Exodus IP Address Administration 
 OrgTechPhone:  1-888-239-6387 
 OrgTechEmail:  ipaddressadmin@exodus.net 
 OrgTechHandle: GIAA-ARIN 
 OrgTechName:   Global IP Address Administration 
 OrgTechPhone:  1-919-465-4096 
 OrgTechEmail:  ip@gnoc.cw.net 
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